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HappyPay is a platform that turns multiple e-wallet payment options into an ALL-IN-ONE payment solution to simplify the payment process of the merchants.

Collecting payment become easier, with a unified gateway the payment will go directly to your  account.

Received transaction within the app for every transaction.

Receive cashback and coupons when you use our partner app, and redeem points to get more special offers.

Scan a QR code , or let merchant scan yours – and get notified when the transaction completes immediately.

HappyPay offers nationwide point of sale, via online and also smartphones.

Make easy whole process of purchase by your customer using ALL-IN-ONE terminal seamlessly to all payment channels.

One for All Payment Solution

One-time integration and we connect and accept all the partner e-wallets in a platform.

Multiple Way to Pay

Let your customers pay what they prefer.

Ease of Use

Accept online payments securely anytime, anywhere with few step and fast to complete the payment.


Secure payment with password.

Payment Notification​

Transaction status will be notified through email and app notifications.

POS Integration

Enhancing to efficiency of operations and eliminating the need to enter data manually

Merchant Control Panel

Manage and control settlement report and transactions with simple & user-friend and interface

We are the right solution for you

  • Convenience

    No longer dealing with lose cash and balancing the cash drawer.

  • Email Invoicing

    Payment will be send via merchant email.

  • Solution To Various Payment Channels

    Doubling the customers because it supports cash/conventional payment, and e-wallet platform.

  • Password Protected

    Transactions are SAFER and EASIER as it is cashless and leads money directly to bank.

  • Save Time

    Speeds up the payment process, so that your queue line can move faster, and serve more customers.

  • All-in-One Solution

    Merchant can accept multi e-wallet payment. No more logging in and out from multiple e-wallet options.