HappyPay is a multiple e-wallet payment acceptance solution for the convenience and benefits of merchants.

Merchants can manage multiple e-wallet through our HappyPay App.

HappyPay payment gateway is to create benefits for merchants to enable them to manage multiple e-wallets in a single platform.

  • Grow your business. Businesses able to double the number of customers as we help them to expand their reach and visibility to different e-wallets users. We can also help your business to drive more customers with Happy Point and Happy Reward, and other promotions.
  • Secure transaction. The transaction payment process becomes more secure and easier. Business do not need to do cash balancing every single day. This can avoid common mistakes that often happens by the cashier. Also, businesses able to receive the payment directly through us. The fund settlement will be settle within 2 business days.
  • Reduces checkout time. Businesses able to serve more customers as they are able to complete payment in a very short time.
  • User-friendly interface. The interface of HappyPay App is simple. All you need to do is select the e-wallet options from the HappyPay App, scan the QR code and payment is completed.
  • Manage multiple e-wallets in one HappyPay App. You do not need to download many e-wallet applications to serve different types of e-wallet services. By downloading HappyPay App, you can manage multiple e-wallet services in one hand without logging in and out from multiple platforms.

HappyPay is currently available in Malaysia. We are looking forward to expand to other countries too! Follow us on our social media to stay aware!

The setup fee is totally free.

HappyPay App can be downloaded for FREE from the Google Playstore.

OR, you can request for the API to be integrated with your POS system.

Note that transaction fee will be charged when transactions being process.

Other than the transaction fee, you should also be aware of the bank fee for payments to overseas bank account.

HappyPay partners involves the e-wallet service providers which the shoppers use it to make payment transactions.

We are currently having e-wallet partnership with Boost.

Merchants are also partners of HappyPay as they are providing products and services to the shoppers.

You can find answers in the Frequently Asked Questions. If there is no solution for your question, our customer services are ready to help. You can also email [] here.

The transaction is secured by 6-digit transaction PIN that only known by you.

It will be stored securely in our database with SSL certificate.

Yes, you can apply to be a merchant as long as your business has any forms of the Malaysia Business License(s) or Certifications.


  • HappyPay plays the role of third party integration between the merchants and e-wallet services.
  • Merchants can manage multiple e-wallet payment options through one HappyPay App, or through the integrated HappyPay POS System.
  • You do not require to log in and out of multiple platforms to receive multiple e-wallet payment options.

You able to receive your HappyPay account once you are registered as our HappyPay Merchant.

In order to become a merchant, you are required to fill up the merchant application form and merchant service agreement which are provided by us.

Other statutory documents are also compulsory:

  • Photocopy of IC
  • SSM form B & D
  • Business License
  • Premise photo(s) might be needed depends on the situation

If you are a Malaysian citizen, you are required to bring along your valid IC/passport detail, email, bank account, and business that is registered under Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia (SSM) or other Malaysia Business License.

If you are a foreigner, you are required to bring along your valid IC/passport detail, email, bank account, and business that has any form of Malaysia Business License(s) or Certification(s).

Once we received all the required documents, we will get back to you within 7 days. When your documents have been approved, we will be in touch with you to complete the sign up process.

If you are unable to sign into your account because of forgetting the password or username, we can help you to recover it.


  • After the payment is completed, the funds will directly appear in your e-wallet.
  • The fund will be directly bank-in to your business bank account within 1-2 business days.
  • When collection status appears to be rejected, it is often referring to failure in uploading the required transaction documents.
  • When this situation occurs, please contact our customer service team.

To update your bank account information, please contact

Yes. You need to have a smartphone or tablet device to function the HappyPay App. These devices also need to connect to the Internet through your mobile data plan or WIFI.

Yes.You can request the API from us to integrate with your business POS system.

Customers can select their preferred e-wallet option. They will scan the QR code at the counter, and key-in their transaction PIN. Once payment completed, you and your customers will receive notification about it.

  • For the HappyPay App, merchant can search for the transaction to be refund (or void) on the app. Select the transaction and confirm to refund. When it has completed, the merchant and customers will receive notification.
  • For the POS system, merchant can search the transaction to be refund (or void). Select the transaction and confirm to refund. When it has completed, the merchant and customers will receive notification.